San Alejandro Academy was founded on January 11th, 1818 in the San Agustin Convent, in Havana. Its founder was the French painter Jean Baptiste Vermay and was called in 1832 “San Alejandro” in memory of Alejandro Ramírez, general superintendent and director of the Royal Economic Society of Friends of the Country. This Academy treasures a rich history in its classrooms and the best Cuban artists of all time were formed there. Some of them were directors of this prestigious institution, which today continues to offer teaching Cuban artists. It should also be noted that this school is the oldest of its kind in Latin America and the second oldest in Cuban educational institution.

San Alejandro Academy was directed by renowned artists, both Cubans and foreigners, including Joseph Leclere, who practiced instruction and opened model classes in school in 1848; Federico Mialhe, Italian landscaper and eminent scientist who leaded in 1850 and reaffirmed the landscape in the Nineteenth Century painting; Miguel Melero, who was a reformer in the use of color; Leopoldo Roma ñach and Armando Menocal, who opened the Twentieth Century with new concepts in teaching; Esteban Valderrama Peña, a prominent portrait painter; Enrique Caravia; Florencio Gelabert; and Carmelo González, who founded in 1957 the Cuban Association of Recorders and expanded teaching to incorporate woodcut, wood engraving and intaglio. So in this prestigious school Cuban figures went through culture studies, which have placed the Cuban art in a prominent position worldwide. Among them are sculptors Domingo Ravenet, Juan Jose Sicre, Rita Longa, Agustín Cárdenas; as well as painters and writers of the stature of Victor Manuel, Fidelio Ponce de León, Jorge Arche, Eduardo Abela, Raul Martinez, Servando Cabrera Moreno, Juan Moreira, Flora Fong and Roberto Fabelo. A curious fact in the teaching work of this center is the presence of the National Hero José Martí, who was enrolled for a few months and also notable for the presence of Camilo Cienfuegos as a student from the school.

Over time the San Alejandro Academy had their settlement in different places of the Cuban capital, until it became a permanent building at 31st Avenue and 100th Street in Marianao, where it is located since 1962 until today. The current training plan for students is done in four years. This is subdivided in four areas of study within the same major: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, and Graphics and Digital Art.

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