Born in Haiti 91 years ago today, Gérald Bloncourt lives in France since his expulsion from his native island in 1946. This photographer, painter and poet is very active, he gives lectures and participates in exhibitions in order to share his knowledge with the young generation and to talk about this country that gave him everything, Haiti, where he returns regularly since the fall of Jean-Claude Duvalier, in 1986.

” Gérald Bloncourt: “Haiti is a cultural melting pot with Taïnos, Caribs, French, Spanish, English and thirty African ethnic groups deported into the hell of slavery with their own culture, their “Negro Art” magnified, among others, by Picasso” …  The Houmforts were decorated. These slaves secretly produced sculptures for their voodoo rhythms. The “vevés” drawn on the ground during their ceremonies and erased under the feet of the dancers were real masterpieces. Their iron sculptures in the cemeteries dazzled all collectors and museums as soon as Dewitt Peters, creator of the Art Center, exhibited them.

Gérald Bloncourt Recently Left us: This is an Homage to this ” Mapou ”   who will be forever remembered for all his Contributions to Humanity and Haiti in Particular..