In 2007, Patricia Barchant became a professional painter after practicing drawing and painting as a hobby and after being a secretary, decorator and trainer. For six years, in the commune of Gosier in Guadeloupe, she has launched “Gîte-Art-Tradition” , an innovative project that combines art with tourism in an ecological environment.

Patricia Barchant presents herself as a self-taught painter. Originally from the city of Pointe-à-Pitre, she left Guadeloupe at the age of 7 for France hexagonal where she spent much of her adult life. “I always liked drawing. When I was a child, I started by drawing “Tales and Legends”. When I became secretary in Paris, I had a hobby: take drawing classes including Montparnasse. In 1981, I had the opportunity to go to Mexico City where I was a decorator for a year. When I returned to France, I also took graphic design courses , “shesays.

In 1995, Patricia Barchant returns to her native island. She works as a commercial for ten years but she continues to paint at home by passion. Today, the artist has a dozen solo and group exhibitions to his credit. In 2003, eight years after her arrival in Guadeloupe, the young woman decided to show her work to the public by organizing her first solo exhibition at the Archipel des Sciences ; it is a series of watercolors on “Les Alicaments” or plants and local trees (breadfruit, pineapple, big thyme etc …) that can cure diseases. To carry out this work, the artist previously carried out a long research work. In March 2006, his second exhibition entitled “Rhythms and Colors”is held at the Rémi Nainsouta Cultural Center in Pointe-à-Pitre. She explores the world of traditional dance including gwoka.

At the moment, Patricia is reflecting on different themes such as the carnival or the river for her upcoming exhibitions. On the occasion of the forty years of the “Route du Rhum” in November, the artist intends to present a series of small paintings inspired by this famous transatlantic sailing race that takes place between Saint-Malo (France hexagonal) and Guadeloupe every four years.

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